Man Faces Five Charges of Intoxicated Manslaughter from 2021 Crash

An Amarillo man is facing five counts of intoxicated manslaughter after a fatal car crash two years ago. 

State District Judge Douglas Woodburn granted the motion to combine the five counts in the case of Larry Rolen earlier this week. 

Prosecutors have since moved forward with paperwork against Rolen, who has been charged with killing 23-year-old Andrea Aguirre, 46-year-old Angelica Colin, 88-year-old Raul Colin, 85-year-old Teresa Colin, and 35-year-old Raul Perez Colin. 

Police have stated in previous court documents that the crash took place on North Loop 335, with Rolen traveling on the wrong side of the road, smelling of alcohol, with slurred speech and bloodshot eyes.  

A civil case is also pending against Rolen, and a long prison sentence could be in place from an added charge of using a pickup as a deadly weapon.