Maverick Club Teaming With Market 33 For Customer Service Skills

The Maverick Club’s Career Launch and Entrepreneur Club will be working with Market 33 management and staff to show off their customer service skills.

The Club will be taking out groceries to customer’s vehicles as a Thank You to the community and Market 33 for their continued support.

Market 33 partnered with the Maverick Club last December to provide grocery vouchers for families, many of whom were without work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Carl J. Anderson Foundation also provided funding to provide the vouchers just before Christmas to248 families.

Market 33 printed the vouchers at no cost to the Club, and made several upgrades to accommodate the vouchers to make sure all the funds were to be used only for food and hygiene and cleaning products.

Maverick Club members will be at Market 33 helping customers this Friday, September 3rd.