McCarthy Says Shots Were Fired Inside Capitol During Protests

UPDATE: The Senate floor is now clear of protesters. They’ve been removed from the Senate wing and moved towards the Rotunda, according to an officer. They are shuffling them out the East and West doors of the Capitol Building. It’s unclear if there are still protesters in the House.


House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says shots were fired inside the U.S. Capitol as police try to gain control of protesters. McCarthy told Fox News that he heard the report of shots being fired on a Capitol Police radio. He called the protesters’ actions “un-American” and said he has urged President Trump to issue a plea for calm. During an earlier rally in DC, Trump urged protesters to march to the Capitol to protest today’s planned congressional ratification of the presidential election results.

The Capitol was locked down after outdoor security barriers were breached but protesters managed to get inside. The House and Senate recessed and lawmakers were evacuated. VP Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were taken to secure locations. Pelosi is second in the line of presidential succession after Pence. Pence was presiding over the congressional ratification process at the Capitol.