Money Back Internet

People can now apply to get up to $50 off their internet bills.

This is part of a new program called Emergency Broadband Benefit created to help families and households struggling to afford internet services and devices.

The program is a result of the digital divide highlighted during the pandemic and along with the monthly bill discount also offers a one time discount for up to $100 off a device such as a laptop, computer or table top.

However, You’re going to have to buy your device from an Internet company and must put forward at least 10 dollars toward the purchase.

In Amarillo, internet providers realized many were living with either poor, no internet, or were rather relying on internet through their phones.

And although providers saw new customers as people increased their reliance on the internet due to COVID-19, they also saw current customers cancel the service due to the financial struggle.

Currently there are over 800 companies participating, including the popular ones locally like Suddenlink, AT&T, Plains Internet, and Truconnect.