The new tenants will begin moving into the new Potter County Courthouse in June.

With a year of delays due to design, electrical problems, and more, the courthouse will finally see its first employees taking over their new home.

Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner says she cannot deny that some things have gone wrong delaying the progress of the building opening.

Still, there needs to be a complete records management department before they can move in.

The room for records management holds 40,000 criminal, civil, and family records, evidence, deeds, film, and much more.

The timetable runs like this: Floors 1 through 5 are moving starting June 17, with records moving in the late summer or even in the fall.

While the county is working with contractors, no date has been determined when the records department will be complete.

A ribbon cutting is scheduled for June 1st, from 10 a.m. to noon.