New Regional Wind Energy

Xcel Energy said wind energy accounted for more than half the region’s electricity supply in March and reached a new hourly peak production of more than 86% in April, reportedly boosted by the new Sagamore Wind Project in New Mexico.

Xcel Energy said it has been working to add wind energy to the regional generating “mix” for over 20 years, mostly by buying the output of area facilities owned by other wind energy producers.

Wind energy was noted as 51.1% of the mix in March, according to the company, the highest monthly wind numbers yet recorded. For all of 2020, before the Sagamore facility was active, wind energy accounted for 32% of the electricity delivered to the region by Xcel Energy.

Xcel Energy said it expects that 40% of the region’s electricity will be made from wind energy in 2021.

Xcel Energy also claimed that wind energy helps to preserve the region’s groundwater for municipal and agricultural use, due to no water being needed to produce electricity in that manner.


Story By: Chuck Williams