PnB Rock Says He Makes No Money Off His Music

PnB Rock hit up Instagram to let his fans know that he doesn’t make money off his music.

PnB says he wished he hadn’t signed his record deal and “Wish somebody woulda sat n told me not to take the deal, I don’t make money off my music I got paper still. [sic]” He says he would’ve restructured the deal differently so it would’ve worked out in his favor.

While holding about $20,000 in cash in the video, PnB says he’s still making money, it’s just not from streaming.

PnB Rock has only released one album in the past two years, TrapStar Turnt PopStar and “Rose Gold” featuring King Von is his latest release.

He lost a lawsuit for his song, “Everyday We Lit” after it was determined in court that it sounded similar to New Jersey rapper, Rackboy Cam’s “Everything Be Lit.”

Do you think it pays to be a rapper in 2021?

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