Potter County Better Prepared For Fires

 Potter County Fire and Rescue is now better equipped to respond to calls, according to their new Insurance Services Office score.

The evaluation consists of a pumper test, hose test, aerial ladder and elevating platform test, as well as classroom and field training.

The evaluation can have an impact on insurance rates

The score is based on a one through 10 scale that measures how well a fire department can respond to the community, with one being the best and 10 the worse.

Potter County Fire and Rescue previously had a score of six within the five-mile radius from a station, and a nine in the areas further than the five-mile radius.

In this case, this rating only applies to the unincorporated areas of Potter County.

The new ISO rating for Potter County will go into effect this Saturday, which is when you can call your insurance agent and check if you qualify for a lower rate.