The 100 Club of The Texas Panhandle steps in to help 1st responders in their time of need, and a timely donation is helping complete the mission.

Hometown Hat Company based in Lubbock sold “Pray for the Panhandle” hats with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Lubbock Firefighters Association and sent to fire departments impacted by the Smokehouse Creek Fire.

The Lubbock and Amarillo Professional Firefighters Association have partnered together to give the donation to the 100 Club.

100,000 dollars will be going to help seven fire stations at 15,000 dollars apiece

On top of the seven fire stations this money will be helping, the 100 Club has given donations to 19 different fire stations across the Panhandle in the weeks since the wildfires began.

To pre-order a hat, visit Hometown Hats Co. website here.

To donate to the 100 Club of the Texas Panhandle, visit their website here.