Proposition 5 on the November Ballot would give money to Texas public universities for research grants.

The University of Texas and Texas A and M University are the only nationally recognized research schools in the state and receive funding for research.

Under Prop 5, a Texas University fund would be set up to support research grants at Texas State, Texas Tech, the University of Houston, and the University of North Texas and a National Research Support Fund to fund Research at four other schools.

The funding would have to be approved every two years.

Arguments for the research grants include it helps higher education providing stable funding for research in the four universities supported by the Texas University Fund, and both funds give a path for more schools to become eligible for research grants.

Arguments against include Prop.5 continued unfair treatment of public universities, and the funding through the National Research Support Fund is not stable and would still require legislative approval every two years,

Another argument against is no additional schools will be added unless the legislature provides more money