Randall County Judge Christy Dyer signed a Declaration of Local Disaster Related to Severe Weather and Prolonged Flooding today.

The continued rainfall across the panhandle has led to flooding along Tierra Blanca Creek as well as the area inside SW Loop 335 along 77th Avenue. Numerous County roads are currently closed, and swift-running water crossing roadways will cause more roads in Randall County to be closed as this event continues.

Judge Dyer, in cooperation with each respective elected body, has ordered Lake Tanglewood, Timbercreek Canyon, The Palisades, and River Falls closed to the public for any type of recreational activities under the authority of the Declaration. Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, has been temporarily closed to the public by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Palo Duro Canyon State Park is currently open, but officials are closely monitoring the situation.

“Protecting the safety of residents as they travel through areas of concern are a priority for Randall County,” said Judge Dyer.

The Amarillo Office of Emergency Management is working with the Red Cross to establish shelter locations for citizens affected by the flooding. Plans are currently in the works to establish a shelter in Canyon and one in Amarillo.

Residents are encouraged to stay home after dark, and in an effort to prevent accidents and ensure public safety, we urge all residents to turn around and not to drive through flooded areas. Remember “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”.