With more rain predicted for an already soaked Amarillo and Canyon, among the concerns is debris clogging drains, causing roadways and intersections to hold large amounts of water. The Randall County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging residents not to risk injury or death by trying to remove unseen or hard-to-access debris.

Of course, deep, standing water at intersections should be avoided. As the safety saying goes, “Don’t drown. Turn around.”

Randall County and City of Canyon officials, including leadership for the Villages of Lake Tanglewood, Timbercreek Canyon and Palisades are currently working to remove debris from near dams and waterways in an effort to keep spillways working as they are designed to.

Due to the debris, high water levels, and swift water currents, all lakes in Randall County will remain closed to all recreational activity.

The RCSO asks you only remove debris if it is safe, you are asked to contact Randall County and report any debris build-up in culverts that present an immediate danger. Citizens are also encouraged to report any property damage.