RCSO Searching For Missing 22-year-old Brianna Gilbert

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office is searching for missing 22-year-old Brianna Gilbert.

She went missing on Tuesday March 30th while on break at Plains Dairy at 300 North Taylor.

Video surveillance shows Gilbert walking to the Plains Dairy Parking lot just before 8pm that night, and coworkers may have seen her talking with a Hispanic male in the parking lot around the same time.

Officials say 20 minutes later, Brianna’s significant other received a text from Brianna’s phone which read, “I love you,” but Brianna did not respond to further texts that evening.

When her significant other arrived to pick Brianna up at the end of her shift that night, Brianna was not there. Plains Dairy staff members said they had not seen Brianna since around 8 p.m.

Anyone with information about Brianna is asked to call Sergeant Byron Towndrow at 806-468-5858.