Reagor Arraignment Hearing

The owner of the Reagor-Dykes Auto Group, Bart Reagor appeared in Amarillo federal court April 26th after being charged with two counts of bank fraud and one count of making false statements to a bank insured by the FDIC.

During the hearing, the arraignment was waived. If the arraignment is waived, an automatic not guilty plea is made.

Under restrictions, he cannot commit a crime, state or federal. He has been assigned a pre-trial services officer and must keep contact with his attorney, and if  convicted, he must surrender voluntarily for his prison sentence.

Travel restrictions are imposed, but Reagor’s attorney asked for exceptions to visit his homes in Houston and North Carolina.. The judge granted those exceptions.

He will make his initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Lee Ann Reno Thursday, April 22 at 2:00 P.M.