Safety Improvements Made To Area Bike Lanes

The City of Amarillo is announcing new and improved bike lanes at several locations in amarillo.

The most notable improvement is the installation of new bike lanes on Southwest 7th avenue and Southwest 8th Avenue that will connect downtown with Rails to Trails.

The new lanes will run from the Hodgetown/Civic Center area to Crockett Street and from Johnson Street to Bonham Street.

The City will be striping the lanes the week of June 14th and adding proper signage to the areas.

New or re-striped bike lanes and shared lanes have been installed at the following locations:
 8 th Avenue from Buchanan Street to Crockett Street (one way travelling west).
 7 th Avenue from Crockett Street to Buchanan Street (one way travelling east).
 15th Avenue from Bonham Street to Johnson Street.
 Johnson Street from 15th Avenue to Hodgetown/Civic Center area.