The Sanctuary City for the Unborn Initiating Committee provided communication with the City of Amarillo, seeking to have their ordinance placed on the November ballot in order to allow the citizens to have the final say.

Committee spokesperson Steve Austin, sent an email to City Secretary Stephanie Coggins dated Friday, June 28 which read, 

Dear Ms. Coggins, 

Attached you will find the SCFTU Initiative Committee vote to take the ordinance to the ballot along with a copy of the ordinance. 


Steve Austin 

Spokesman for the SCFTU Committee

The SCFTU committee is made up of 11 members, all of whom voted to have the ordinance placed on the upcoming ballot.

City Councilman Tom Scherlen says the City Council will move to add the ordinance to the November ballot at its next regular meeting, which is scheduled for 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 9.

Mayor Cole Stanley says the council is required to call for an election.