Snack Pak 4 Kids Continues To Provide To The Community

Snack Pak 4 Kids has continued to provide food to children on the weekends even throughout the pandemic. The program say they,ve given  out snack paks for 70 consecutive weekends.

Over the Summer, the program has held drive-thru events for children to come get their food.

In the snack paks, they receive brand new and brand name items such as, Cheez-Its and Gatorade.

Program officials say they get ideas for the menus from the kids they serve.

More than 40 percent of the kids said they would like to see more Gatorade when they were only giving one bottle, so this Summer the program has started to give two Gatorade’s with each pak.

Teachers have told the program that when their students have food, they are able to concentrate and do better on assignments, which is what makes the program so important.

For more information, go to their website at sp4k dot org.


Story By: Chuck Williams