Snak Pak 4 Kids Raises Over $250,000 To Help Fight Food Insecurity

Recent surveys of Amarillo Independent School District counselors conducted by Snack Pack 4 Kids showed that nearly 3,000 students are living with their grandparents or great-grandparents and that almost one-third of them could be faced with food insecurity.

To help combat these issues, Snack Pack 4 Kids partnered with AISD, the Carol K. Engler Foundation, the Mary E. Bivins foundation, and more to start “The Tillie Project”.

Dyron Howell, the Executive Director for Snack Pack 4 Kids, says all of this came from an interaction from 2 years ago with Tillie herself.

Tillie had a chance to speak about how that experience helped her, and how thankful she is they are able to have the impact they do.

Thanks to donations and work from the Carol K. Engler Foundation, the Mary E. Bivins Foundation, and other various organizations and groups in the Texas Panhandle Snack Pak will be able to launch the campaign with a $255,000 investment.

For more information on “The Tillie Project” or what you can do to help, visit their website.