Storybook Hiding Books Around The City

Probebly the last thing on your childs mind is school during this holiday vacation.

Still, Storybridge is finding something fun to do and educational through January 7th around the Amarillo area.

Storybridge is hiding books around the area and by participating in this kids get a free book and also get a chance to see places they may not otherwise get to see.

Multiple times a day, clues will be be given out via their website and on Instagram stories at storybridgeama.

Storybridge wants the event to be more than just about books, but getting families together to get out in the community.

Storybridge promotes literacy and they say it’s more important now than ever.

If you think you know where the books are show up at the location and tell them you’re on the book hunt.

They will also have plenty of books at every location and when they run out they’ll post to let you know.