Strap in Before You Head Out

As the pandemic lockdown is coming to a close, its important to remember to wear your seatbelt when you head out of the house.

2020 showed a 16% increase in vehicle accident fatalities simply because seatbelts were not being used.

In the Amarillo District Texas Department of Transportation, covering the top 17 counties, there were 78 Motor vehicle accidents that led to 29 fatalities and 56 serious injuries, and Amarillo contributed for of those deaths

Using a seatbelt decreases risk of dying by 45% in passenger cars, and 60% in pickup trucks, and with the simple motion of strapping a strip of fabric across your body.

It is also a reminder that it is illegal to drive without one, and can lead to tickets and fines, especially for lack of having children properly fastened into a car seat.

Remembering to strap in, keeping off your cell phone while behind the wheel, and completely away from your vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs can ensure safer roads for all your fellow Texans.