Taking A Bite Out Of Mosquitoes

For the City of Amarillo, Mosquitoes are the enemy.

The city started spraying for the pest back in March, but considering the amount of rain the city received this spring and early summer, The city is seeing a larger increase in mosquito population.

The Director of Environmental Health for Amarillo says they have dramatically increased the scope of the spraying program as a result.

Since March, the city has spent 35-thousand dollars on the program. with the typical budget of 8 to 10-thousand dollars for chemicals.

They’re using a new chemical that is safer for the environment and also safer for staff to administer it to high infestation areas.

The city warns that the public should help in the process by checking for standing water on their property and drain it every few days, keeping your lawn mowed and removing standing water from house gutters, and removing debris.

For more Information, Contact Amarillo’s Communication Manager Dave Henryu at 806- 378- 5219