Texas Governor Debate Review

The Friday night debate between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Beto O’Rourke did not accomplish much.

On the issue of the Texas power grid, Abbott only said that his Democratic opponent is fear-mongering and little else other than electric costs in the state are the lowest in the nation.

O’Rourke maintained that Abbott had done nothing about shoring up the grid due to his incompetent leadership.

On the issue of retaining teachers, O’Rourke laid out a series of solutions including teacher pay raises, eliminating STARR testing, and making sure the state legislature increases its share of educational funding.

As far property tax relief is concerned, the Democratic challenger says he would lay out a plan to increase medicare, making sure there is property tax fairness and making big business pay its fair share.

Governor Abbott says he’s for driving down the ability of local governments to increase property taxes.

As of Friday night, Abbott was leading in independent polls 50 to 42 percent