Texas Oncology Survey- Cancer Patients

There’s a new report out by Texas Oncology concerning results about cancer, body image, and mental health.

The purpose of the survey is to raise awareness of the way cancer affects the image, both body and mental health, and to spur on conversations that’ll help to understand the overall health of cancer patients.

The Texas Oncology survey found that 45 percent of those surveyed were grateful for their body’s perseverance. In contrast,  34 percent said they expect a change in how they view their bodies and the changes to be permanent.

About 70 percent of the respondents say they experienced one or more symptoms of depression, and 65 percent with anxiety.

Other respondents reported their spousal relationships had deteriorated, while a small group was positively impacted.

Seeking professional support services plays a big part in the patient’s mental health and self-perception.,

Still only a third of those surveyed said they looked for physical and mental health resources, and cancer patients wished they receved more help and support emotionally and mentally.