Texas Road Improvement Funding

The Texas Department of Transportation is making a huge investment in the future of our rapidly growing state.

They’ve approved the TxDOT 10-year transportation program that’ll include more than 85 billion dollars dedicated to improving safety, addressing congestion and connectivity, and preserving roadways for Texas drivers.

They’re dedicating more than 12.2 billion to statewide connectivity projects to upgrade interstates and other major rural highways over the next ten years via the 2023, under the United Transportation Program

The state , according to Census estimates, the “Lone Star” state grew by more than 310 thousand from July 2020 to July 2021 and is set to approach a population of 30 million.

They’re planning to invest close to 14 billion dollars in rural areas over the next ten years through the 2023 UTP.

The total spending represents a 600% increase in planned rural funding compared to planned funding from just seven years ago.

TxDOT is also investing in energy sector roads to the tune of 2-point-5 billion dollars to address specific roadways impacted by traffic in five energy producing regions.