Texas State Representative Four Price Texas Legislature House Bill

Texas State Representative Four Price has announced he has filed comprehensive healthcare bill packages to present during the regular session of the Texas Legislature.

“Healthcare matters to every person and their family regardless of where in Texas they reside. Improving health outcomes of Texans is always one of the top legislative priorities of my office. It is a privilege to continue to work on practical solutions to better the health outcomes of Texas patients” stated Representative Price.

Representative Price filed healthcare legislation for this session includes:

  • Telemedicine and Telehealth — Price filed House Bill 4 to make permanent the emergency waivers that have been temporarily granted during the Pandemic for the delivery of certain established adult and child health programs by healthcare providers. Telemedicine, a subject Price has worked on for several sessions, has grown in popularity with patients and healthcare professionals, especially since the onset of COVID-19. The legislation will leverage technology to improve patient outcomes in a timelier manner and provide greater access to medical specialists statewide.
  • Patient Drug Cost — In an effort to lower the cost of life-saving insulin medication for patients, which costs have, in many instances, dramatically increased in recent years, Price authored House Bill 1701. He also filed House Bill 2668 to ensure that patients are the ones who would continue to obtain the benefit from pharmaceutical coupons.
  • Mental Health Parity — Price, in 2017, authored and passed HB 10 which requires health insurance companies providing mental health treatment benefits to do so in the same equitable manner as any other covered medical condition. Price recently filed House Bill 2595 strengthens that law.
  • Protecting Vulnerable Individuals — House Bill 1824 provides for the continuity of services received by persons with intellectual disabilities residing in state supported living centers.
  • Better Informing Patients Regarding Prescription Drugs — House Bill 2117 requires physicians prescribing controlled substances and other potentially addictive drugs, including opioids, to provide patients with thorough information regarding these type of medications.