Teyana Taylor Decided To Retire After Feeling “Underappreciated” By Her Label

Teyana Taylor has finally explained her “retirement” during a visit to Cam Newton’s “Sip ‘N Smoke” series.

After releasing her project “The Album,” Teyana says she felt “underappreciated” by her record label.

Taylor went on to say she feels “seen” by her husband and wants to feel that way by everyone she’s aligned with.

If you’ve been a fan of Teyana for any length of time you know she’s a hard worker.

Taylor felt that her label wasn’t working hard for her saying, “For my mental health, my mental well-being, for my kids, let me just put this on ice for a little [bit].

It’s not that I retired permanently. It’s more like, I just don’t feel like I want to move another inch for a company.”

Can you relate to Teyana Taylor and her need to feel “seen?”

Where do you feel “unseen” in your life?