The Seventh Court of Appeals ruled Friday a lower court’s ruling was in error in the case of Canadian teen Thomas Brown.

Brown went missing in November of 2016. His body was found and remains were identified in January of 2019.

Local radio broadcaster Chris Samples hosted several shows with guests speculating on the still unsolved death. Brown’s family sued him and others for defamation of character.

The appeals court reversed a lower court and dismissed all claims of defamation.

The lawsuit included allegations of engagement in a conspiracy to defame Brown’s family.

Court documents state the family admitted that though the investigation into Brown’s disappearance may be an issue of local public concern, theories of the family’s involvement are not.

One of Samples’ guests, Michael Crain, used terms like “believe,” “theory,” and “opinion” throughout his interviews, indicating that he did not state false facts about Brown’s disappearance or death.