Strong storms impacted the northern portion of the Texas Panhandle Thursday evening, spawning tornados, one of which passed through Perryton causing what was described as a “mass casualty event.”

According to reports, at least 3 people are confirmed dead and at least 56 injured. Two people are also missing. Much of the city was without power Friday morning.

According to Ochiltree County Sheriff Terry L. Bouchard, the tornado caused damage and destruction to mobile homes, houses and businesses as it traveled from the northwest part of the city to the west central part of Perryton.

First Responders from neighboring counties were quick to move resources and assistance into the area.

Residents are being asked to stay home as officials assess the damage.

Texas State Representative Four Price says the Texas Division of Emergency Management and Governor Greg Abbott’s offices are mobilizing resources to assist with search and rescue, medical assistance and more.