Training For A Triathlon

One of the most demanding sports on earth is the Triathlon. Firrst.. Swim Happy

Most of these tips are accomplished before you hit the water. Like taking care of your wetsuit, avoid fingernail
nicks and tears that can lead to leakage. .

Make sure you warm up before your swim. The shock of hitting the cold water can cause you to hyperventilate. Get in the water prior to the competition to acclimate yourself. If the pre-race swim isn’t allowed, doing dry-land warms ups will help

On Biking.. This is the hardest part of the Triathlon.

Learn basic bike maintenance to avoid the stress of a race-day mechanical

Also schedule a pre-race bike tune-up and check your tires are in top shape, and most of all get a professional bike fit.

A perfect bike fit dialed in makes for fit more comfort, power, and aerodynamic positioning.

And the running… the run requires the right shoes and healthy feet, but beyond these basics, the final race push is about maintaining your form and your mental strength.

Make sure you maintain your form, your arms are very important. Drive your elbows back and use quick turnover momentum
to force your legs to keep up

Join me next week for another Care Express Wellness tip. On behalf of KGNC Wellness coach Rhonda Roden, I’m Chuck Williams for KGNC’s Eye On Wellness