Transformation Park Begins to Take Shape After City Council Meeting

With over 368 Amarilloans homeless and unsheltered, it is an understatement to say that that number is far too big for any city, let alone ours. 

During this week’s City Council meeting, progress was made for what will be called Transformation Park, a community close to Southwest Sixth Avenue and South Bowie Street, with the purpose being to help transition those who are homeless to find permanent housing around the city. 

With involvement and donations from all over, most recently from Hillside Christian Church, it was the donation from Street Toyota President Joe and Laura Street in the form of one million dollars that was presented during the meeting. 

Mr. Street spoke about the optimism he has for the park, and how big this move is for the community.  


With the City of Amarillo now providing financial services for this plan, Director of Community Development Jason Riddlespurger spoke about how soon the next steps of this plan can take shape.