Travel Nurses Arrive in Amarillo

Amarillo hospitals accepted 34 nurses through state and federal agencies to assist with a surge in COVID-19 case

They are in the hospitals to help stem the tide with the high transmission rate of the Delta varient.

Area hospitals are battling a shortage in staff and expressing an increased need for nurses and respiratory therapists to care for patients, including those not infected with COVID-19.

At Northwest Texas Hospital, every hospitalized COVID patient has tested positive for the delta variant.

NWTH is caring for 55 patients with COVID-19; 51 are unvaccinated; 32 are in ICU; and 15 patients are on ventilators.

BSA is caring for 78 patients with COVID-19. The majority of these patients are unvaccinated, and 51% are younger than 60 years of age.


Story By: Chuck Williams