Tx DOT Road Deaths

Twenty Years have gone by since a deathless day on Texas roadways, and in 2021 TxDOT recorded 90 deaths and last year there was 101.

TxDOT says in 2022, the number of deaths related to alcohol, drugs and speeding-related fatalities actually went down.

Even though speed-related deaths went down in the area, it’s still considered a major cause of crashes in rural areas.

TxDOT data shows that in the Amarillo area, fatalities happened at twice the rate of other roads, because Drivers are traveling at higher rates of speed and they can just about choose their speeds more freely than they can in more urban areas, and on top of that the lack of emergency services in the rural areas doesn’t help matters much.

Numbers nearly doubled in distracted driving since 2021, but it’s more than just texting.

They point out that eating, and having occupants in the car all play a major part in the distracted driving category.

TxDOT meets on a regular basis and they stress the E’s for improvement

Engineering, Education, Enforcement, and Emergency Response.