Unnoticed Exercises

Check this out.. Only two percent of Americans are going to pass up a ride on an escalator or elevator and take the stairs.

Just what do they know the rest of us don’t.?

People who walked during meetings report feeling five times more creative and 8 percent more engaged and focused.

Men Who climbed 20 to 35 flights of stairs each week experienced 24 percent fewer strokes than those who climbed fewer than ten flights a week

It seems like making a choice like taking the stairs, where and how to sit, and whether you pick the parking space closest to the store, can in fact have a larger impact on our health, wellness and fitness than out regular workout sessions.

Climbing stairs briskly burns 120 calories while dancing burns 106, Walking briskly at about 4 miles an hour burns up 68 calories, while cleaning the house burns 48, and these numbers are for a 180-pound man.

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