Update on Solid Waste Pickup after City Council Meeting

 Adjustments have been made over the past few months regarding trash and solid waste pickup around Amarillo. But hopefully, those adjustments won’t be around for much longer. 

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, an update was provided from the city’s Department of Public Works on looking to move back into a two-day trash pickup cycle like in the past. 

With most of those issues coming from a lack of workers for the city, the numbers have been back in the positive for new hires, as explained by the department head, Donny Hooper. 

With the wage increase from $16 to $19 an hour, the turnaround has been great for the city, with new hires needing two weeks to become full drivers, on top of the required CDL license as well.

 Hooper goes on to provide an outlook on when we can go back to the twice-a-week pickup, and it can come much sooner than one may think. 

Visit careers.amarillo.gov for more information and how to apply for jobs around the city today.