Waste Water Spill Contained

A Waste water spill at a collection facility, west of Brickplant Road has been contained.

Amarillo City Officials say the spill originated from a force main from Lift Station No. 40, which is located northwest of the city and outside city limits.” and was due to a force main failure. Repairs were made Wednesday evening. Lift Station No. 40 is operational.

Around 568,000 of domestic, commercial, and industrial wastewaters were reported spilled. The City says the water flowed into a dry creek bed,

City officials say disinfectant has been placed on the spill area and crews are actively cleaning up the spill site and necessary and appropriate actions in the best interest of public safety will be taken if needed and indicated by sampling.”.

The regional office of the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality was notified, and Amarillo officials are working with a neighboring property owner.