West Texas A&M University Distinguished Lecture To Feature Dr. Rick Lavoie

The 10th annual Helen Piehl Distinguished Lecture for West Texas A&M University will feature special education expert Dr. Rick Lavoie.

The lecture will discuss Dr Lavoie’s “Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorders: Exploring and Explaining the Link”.

“This is an exciting opportunity to hear about some useful strategies to improve desirable behavior and decrease challenging behavior in students,” said Dr. Mikyung Shin, assistant professor of education. “Dr. Lavoie will discuss the most current research on the connection between these two disorders and offer motivational and academic strategies to cope with them.”

The lecture will offer specific strategies for any parent to use when their child is struggling in school, not just those with attentional problems or dyslexia.

The event is from 9am to noon on September 25 via Zoom. 

The lecture is $10 for parents and professionals, $25 for ALTA continuing education credits, and free for students. 

To register click here.