West Texas A&M University Professor Publish Research into Faster, More Efficient Conductors

Duncan Miertchin, a senior from Amarillo who is also a physics major from West Texas A&M University recently published research into newly discovered materials that may revolutionize personal electronics.

Dr. Keshav Shrestha, assistant professor of physics wrote a study on “topological crystalline insulators” with Miertchin, which was seen in the June 28 issue of the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.

According to Miertchin, The surface of the topological insulators conducts electricity much better than any materials currently in use. Society revolves around computers, whether they’re smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Advances like this can make those devices run faster and more efficiently.

The research was done in conjunction with Texas Center for Superconductivity at University of Houston and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Florida.