Where’s the Line? Two Justices Of The Peace, One Precinct

Just how many Justice of the Peace does Randall County, Precinct 4 need?

Most of you remember Clay Houdeshell, who opted not to run for Precinct 4 J.P. After his retirement, Kyle Balke was appointed as temporary J.P. in 2018. Now according to state law, the appointee has to run in the next election,

Balke ran in the next election but lost to Joanne Garcia Flores. Does that mean his appointment ends or does it? As it stands now, Mr. Balke and Clay Houdeshell are still presiding over the Precinct, even though Mrs. Flores won the election.

Just who drew the lines to make Precinct 4 into two separate divisions? where are the dividing lines?

Can Randall County really afford to have two J.P’s in one court? Also, is it fiscally responsible to the taxpayer?

In the next part of the series, we’ll examine the financial burden on Randall County residents.