Winner Announced For Annual Deck The Herd Decorating Contest

Center City of Amarillo has announced another winner of the Annual Deck The Herd Decorating Contest Hoof Prints of the Great American Quarter Horse.

Beth Duke, Center City Executive Director said “The Hoof Prints project began in 2002 as a partnership with Center City and the American Quarter Horse Association. Now, we mark the anniversary of the art project with the Deck the Herd contest,” 

Since 2017, Center City has invited the owners of the more than 100 Hoof Prints fiberglass horses to celebrate the season by decorating their Hoof Prints Horse.

Then residents vote for their favorite for on the Centers Facebook page.

Center City continues to sell the Hoof Prints horses to raise funds for downtown revitalization.

First Place:  Bonham Middle School

Second Place:  Panhandle Ortho & Hand

Third Place:  Golden Spread Council Boy Scouts of America.