Winter Weather Safety Tips

With Winter Weather making an appearance this weekend, many City of Amarillo departments are giving out reminder tips to help keep families safe.

Allow water faucets to drip. Running water, even at a trickle, helps relieve pressure and reduces the chances of pipes freezing or bursting.

Keep cabinet doors open where pipes are located. Heat from the rest of the home can keep pipes warm.

Add extra insulation to pipes in areas with higher cold exposure such as north-facing walls.

The Amarillo Fire Department says do not turn off heat in the home. Make sure heat is kept at a temperature above 55 degrees even when not at home to ensure pipes remain free of ice.

Place space heaters directly into a wall outlet and never into a power cord.

Buy a unit that comes with an automatic shutoff in case it is tipped over.

And never places space heaters near curtains, bedding, furniture or place items onto of them.

And as a reminder, the The Code Blue Warming Station has been activated for those needing shelter from the elements.