The City of Amarillo held another update meeting similar to the one held this time last week at The Office of Emergency Management to share the very latest information concerning the flooding of the past few weeks.

Crews and assets here from McKinney, Allen and Ft. Worth, Texas (among others) were recognized for their service by City Manager Jared Miller.

Police Chief Martin Birkenfeld added, though the water in areas like that affected by Lawrence Lake have receded substantially, there is still plenty to yet to drain from he streets near the lake and that his department still plans to provide security and safety services. Birkenfeld says they will be moving the barricades soon.

Assistant Director of Public works Alan Harder shared that the single pump at Bennet Lake just south of I-27 and Georgia which was left off during the rain and flood event, was started this past Saturday and is pumping into Lawrence Lake which is now using the two city pumps and one provided by TxDOT. Harder suggests those needing service for trash and other debris contact Solid Waste and schedule curbside pickup.

When asked about cleanup plans, Mayor Cole Stanley said he hopes to organize what he referred to as Keep Amarillo Clean community volunteer events, starting with one this Saturday at Medi-Park with others to follow. “I feel that by the end of Summer, we can get most of this cleaned up.”