This is Work Zone Awareness Week and TxDOT is calling on drivers to stay vigilant of road workers when traveling thru work zones.

Traffic fatalities in Texas work zones in 2022 were down 16 % decreasing for the first time since 2018.

Still, 205 people were killed and another 788 were seriously injured in Texas work zones last year.

The majority of those killed were drivers or their Passengers.

TxDOT’s Executive Director asks that drivers to continue slowing down in and stay alert traveling through works zones, and also observe the Move over/ Slow Downlaws that requires drivers to move over a lane or reduce the speed of their vehicle to 20 miles per hour, below the posted speed limit.

In the Amarillo District in 2022 there were 715 traffic crashes in work zones resulting in six fatalities and 20 serious injuries..