Write In Candidate Changes Potter County Election

Potter County Commissioner Nancy Tanner will have an opponent in the November election, and he’s running on a write-in ballot.

Thomas Warren the second, the owner of Tom Warren Vintage Trucks and Diamond T Rubber Company, is the write-in candidate.

Now Judge Tanner won her primary in May without an opponent which means she did not have to run in another race.

Now in the meantime, the Potter County Republican Party Chair paid the fee for Warren to be on the November ballot.

The question comes up why is he going to run a write-in campaign when he did not choose to face off against Tanner in the primary and why did the county Republican Party decide to back him?

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a primary and make the process useless and time-consuming?

It almost looks like Mr. Warren is trying to circumvent the will of the people with less than 60 days until the November election.

Next week KGNC News will look into this and ask if it is legal and what it will cost the county.