WT Data Metrics Shows Growth in Enrollment

West Texas A&M University is well into the spring semester and based on key metrics, has shown growth in enrollment in the process. 

New data released on Monday shows a three percent increase in freshman enrollment over spring 2022 while the sophomore class grew nearly nine percent, continuing a trend observed in underclassmen since last year.

WT retained more than 90 percent of freshmen who began in fall 2022, up almost four percent from last spring’s retention figures.

Along with the growth seen within the underclassmen of WT, growth has been seen within other groups such as the total number of Hispanic students, as well as new transfers in the university.

The number of Hispanic students grew by nearly one percent, now making up nearly 30 percent of the total student body. While the number of transfer students from junior colleges has begun to increase, rising more than eight percent.