WWII Bomber Landed at Amarillo Airport

War heroes are more than just the soldiers that go into the battle, and there is one such example in Amarillo. 


From the 13th till the 19th, you can visit the Texas Air and Space Museum at 10001 American Dr. to get a once in a lifetime look at a B-25 Bomber from World War II. 

Just under 10,000 of these planes were built for the war effort, and this one the “Maid in the Shade,” is one of 34 remaining that are still flying. 


The museum will be open to guests everyday from 9-6 to view this piece of history, and you even have the chance to ride it during the weekend from 9-2. 

Viewing Tickets start at $10 per person, and $20 for a family of 4.

Crew working post-flight checks

You can also buy tickets to ride it starting at $325.


To book your flight and to learn more about this or other historic planes, you can visit their website here.