Using electricity wisely will help you to conserve and will also lower your electric bill.

That’s the message Xcel Energy is trying to get across to customers in Texas and New Mexico.

They’re advising users to use the services of contractors to test for air leaks and provide weather stripping around their homes.

The cost of these services is shared by all customers through a small monthly charge, so no additional fees are required

Xcel says heating and cooling make up close to half the annual electricity costs for typical customers and improvements can cut costs drastically.

Contractors can also provide extra services if the customer wants them, such as air vent repair or checking out the HVAC system.

Some tips include raising the thermostat when no one is at home, then gradually raise the temperature setting when the house is occupied, and closing the blinds and drapes during the heat of the day to block the heat from sunlight.

You can also install LED Lights because they use 70 to 90 % leass energy and last 15 times longer.

For more information go online to xcelenergy efficiency .com