Young People Scams In The Panhandle

Young people are the target of scams in the Texas Panhandle.

Even though young people ages 18 to 24-years-old are more proficient in social media, they are more likely due to their online presence, and are not aware of how to prevent scammers from hitting them.

Amarillo Police say they’re seeing scams of all types ranging from text message, phone calls, direct messages on social mediaand e-mails.

Scams targeting young adults typically look like social media customer service representatives reaching out over text to say their account will be deleted, suspended or it has another issue.

Account services will only send a verified email to the email linked to your account.

Social media scams often try asking for money through gift cards over a direct message, but the account will have little to no followers, or posts made.

If anyone asks for money through gift cards, it is most likely a scam.

They say though younger individuals are more at risk in the Panhandle, no matter your age, you can be a victim of scam.

The Amarillo Better Business Bureau warns If a scammer calls you and or contacts you in any way, and you’re responsive, they’re going to scam you.